IPv4 Vs. IPv6

Okay, so first lets break down the title of this post. IPv4 and IPv6 are mentioned. “IP” in this case stands for Internet Protocol. In computing terms, if you see an IP written it refers to an address, so many times people will say “IP Address”. When you browse the internet on your phone or […]

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics tracks your website. It does not do this automatically however. You have to sign up to Google Analytics and place a snippet of code onto your website. From this point onwards Google will now track your specific website and when you go to the Analytics page you will see a report from Google. […]

What is RAM? And ROM…

Have you been to a shop to purchase a computer and the salesperson told you confidently that this computer has 4GB of RAM! Or said something likeĀ  “if you are running Microsoft Word you definitely need at least 32GB of RAM!” You might be confused. How important is RAM? What is RAM? I guess if […]