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Basic Website


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  • Basic WordPress Website.
  • 5 Pages
  • Basic Design

Business Website


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  • Basic WordPress Website.
  • 10 Pages
  • Basic Design – Additional Design Possible

Custom Website


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  • WordPress or custom website
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Shop If Needed
  • Additional Design If Needed
  • Database If Needed
  • User Login If Needed
  • SEO


GlicTake Blog



Sophie is an Irish artist based in Galway. I am an aspiring animator from Ireland. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen so it’s fair to say: I’ve got some experience! A few years ago, i found out about digital art and bagan to dabble in it. I made a few short animations for YouTube that you can check out

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A new site developed in November 2023. This website aims to deliver sporting news for local, national and international events.

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OOH Gaeilge

See oohGaeilge.com here: https://oohgaeilge.com/ OOH Gaeilge is a news and advertising website for a company based in the West of Ireland.

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About WebGlic

Donal O Domhnaill, the founder of WebGlic.com

As an experienced website developer, I specialize in crafting custom-designed websites for individuals and businesses. I’m committed to creating visually stunning and functional websites tailored to meet your unique goals. I have technical expertise and creative vision to create a blog or fully-featured e-commerce platform. My work is collaborative and consultative, ensuring that every aspect of your website reflects your vision. I can help with everything from selecting the perfect color scheme to optimizing your website for search engines. With a proven track record of success and a passion for web development, I’m confident that I can exceed your expectations.

Hi, I am Donal O Domhnaill, the founder of WebGlic.com.

I love computers, we seemed to always have one. First our family owned an Oric, then a Commodore 64 and in 1996 I bought my own first Windows PC. It ran Windows 95! Around this time too, myself and my brother were some of the first people in Ireland (and the whole World in fact) to be browsing the internet. It was at the time a tool usually used for colleges or business.

Around 1997 I began making websites. These were either made on the Geocities playform or written from scratch myself. So for over 20 years I have been web designing.

While my primary degree is that of Philosophy I have of course also attended the fantastic NUIG where I got my Higher Diploma in Software Design.

I am in the unique position to be able to offer my services in Irish and in English. If you need a website, big or small, drop me a line at donal@webglic.com, call me at (+353)87 2716947 or fill in the contact form below. ​

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