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Welcome to the first official blog post. As you can see, my blog is called GlicTake. My website is called WebGlic so I figured instead of calling the blog for my website “blog”, that I would name it something more inventive.

So why have a blog at all? Well WebGlic is my company that provides a few services. The first of which is website development and design. I have been a web developer for over 20 years now. I remember making my first website on an Apple Performa 6300 I think it was. Back then there was no talk of Facebook or Google or YouTube. They were just beginning but unheard of in the West of Ireland where I would connect our slow dial up modem to the Ireland On Line servers in Furbo that would in turn connect us to the rest of the world. So I always loved the internet, and I always loved websites and making them.

The second main purpose of the website is the advertise that I teach alot of different aspects of computing. I love teaching too. I have taught children programming in the form of Scratch and basic internet programming like HTML and CSS. I have taught the adults how to better use Microsoft Office. I have taught everyday people little bits and bobs too that make their lives that little bit easier on the internet, or working at home or in the office or working on personal projects or hobbies.

Third reason for my website is to help people computer repairs. I will be posting videos on how to fix up old computers. Sometimes maybe a computer just needs a bit of RAM or a newer storage drive and their computer is as good as new. Purchasing a new computer can be a costly endevour when you go up in spec a bit. Best to have a look at what you have at the moment.

So that is it for now. When I have something to say, I might just give you my GlicTake on it.

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