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Lasta Mara Teo

Lasta Mara Teo (LMT) operates an all year round cargo service to the three Aran Islands providing a vital life line for the island communities. LMT commenced cargo ferry services to the Aran Islands in 1999 and was set up to facilitate utility and heavy cargo services to the Western Islands. by 2 ships from the lastamarateo fleet

Since the 1st January 2005 Lasta Mara Teo has operated the cargo contract to the three Aran Islands Inis Mor, Inis Meain and Inis Oirr. The vessel MV Saoirse na Mara is the main cargo vessel to the Aran Islands and operates from Galway Docks. LMT operates a roll on roll off for heavy goods and machinery from Rossaveal harbour with the vessels MV Chateau Thierry and the MV Madelen.

If you require transport of any specialist items please feel free to contact our office. Contact us at Lasta Mara if you have questions or comments.

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